Burning Con 12 is less that two weeks away. We had a last minute surge of registration. That means if you haven’t submitted a game, I need it ASAP. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll refund your registration.
In happier news, I’ve reorganized the priority system to be clearer than last year’s version. I’m assigning you your priorities now.
In a few days you’ll receive an email that contains your priority, a provisional schedule and the address of the Friday night party. If you don’t receive that, please email me (
Thanks for your patience! More updates soon!

Burning Con Approaches!


We are three weeks out from Burning Con!

Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes: Shervyn and I will assemble a preliminary schedule in the next few days. If I don’t have your event description, I’ll make one more attempt to contact you. If I don’t hear back from you immediately, I’ll refund your admission.

Friday night: There will be a party Friday night from 8 to midnight. I will email you with the address for the party. It is a private residence. If you are registered and don’t hear from me, email me at

Saturday: Events begin promptly at 10 AM and run until 11 Pm. There are no official afterhours events on Saturday. Like last year, lunch (and/or dinner) will be short, but we will have (free) snacks on site.

Sunday: Events begin promptly at 10 AM and run until 7.

Afterparty will be at Bar 82 (8th street and 2nd Ave).


Hello Primates!

Behold the schedule of a desperate man!

My schedule for PAX Dev:
Wed 1:15 PM Grand III: Creative Destruction with Jared Sorensen.

Wed 230 PM Grand II: Academia vs Reality with Jared, Rym and some other nerds.

Wed 4:30 PM 5th Ave Room: Something from Nothing with James Ernest and Paul Petersen (and that guy Jared).

Thurs 2:00 PM 5th Ave Room: Something from Nothing PART 2 with James, Paul and Jared.

My Schedule for PAX Prime:
Friday: Blessedly free! Come visit our Burning Wheel, Night Sky Games and Memento Mori supercombo booth on the 6th floor.

Saturday 6 PM Tabletop Theater: RPGs Are Awesome with Jared.

Sunday 10:30 AM Raven Theater: The D&D You Never Knew. The big time! Just me for a whole hour!

Sunday 2:00 PM Tabletop Theater: I am Startup and So Can You, America: Designing and Publishing on a Ramen Budget. with Wolfgang Bauer (!) and those guys publishing 13th Age.

Sunday 7:00 PM Tran Bros Vietnamese: I mutely spoon Phô into my raw, cracked throat with Jared Sorensen and ensemble.

See you next week!

Burning Con ’12

Save the dates: Burning Con is October 26-28 in NYC. Vincent Baker returns as special guest. And we have another secret special guest to announce! See you in October.


I’ll be at Connecticon tomorrow, July 14th, delivering two presentations: The D&D You Never Knew and Burning Wheel Is Complicated but I Love It.

The fun starts at 1 PM in panel room 5 and continues at 2:30.

See you there.

BWHQ Hiatus

Hello Burners,
The BWHQ store is closed from now until 5/24. Cave Troll and the Burning Accountant are both away on vacation. Check out your FLGS for all of your needs. For example, the Compleat Strat has all BW products in stock (even some that are out of print). Call for orders 212 685 3380 or email Their website is out of date.


The Year Ahead

Hello Burners,

PAX was a blast, and we’re finally recovered. So I thought you might like an update as to what’s going on with Burning Wheel and BWHQ.

Burning Wheel Turns 10

November 1st, 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of Burning Wheel. We’re going to celebrate!

Burning Con 2012

Burning Con is happening! We’ll celebrate our 10th birthday there. We’re hoping to book dates at the end of October. I’ll post more about that as soon as I know it.

Also, we learned a lot about running our own con last year and we’re excited to apply those lessons this year. Expect to hear more about running hacks at Burning Con, GMing tutorials, and a beginner’s track!

Other 2012 Cons

At the moment, I’m planning on attending PAX Prime in Seattle in August and Connecticon in Hartford in July. We will not be attending Origins or Gen Con this year.

SSS 12

We’re working on three games at BWHQ. Unfortunately, none look likely to be ready for publication this summer. We’re dedicated to producing quality games, as best as we’re able. Sometimes that means you can’t rush the playtesting and writing process.  As soon as we think the games are ready, we’ll get them out to you!

Other Fun Stuff

Since we’re not publishing, we thought we could do some other fun stuff in the meantime: t-shirts, custom dice and laminates (finally!). If you have any other suggestions, let me know!

Thanks for your continued support. We couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without you.



Hello Burners,

From April 6-8, we’ll be in Boston, Mass for the fabulous PAX East show.

We have a booth and demo space in the tabletop area (next to the Strat and Vincent and Joshua).

Friday at 12 noon, I’m giving an introduction to Burning Wheel.

Saturday at 12:30, I’m on the Campaign Doctors panel with Joshua (Shock, Mechaton) and Jack Graham (Eclipse Phase).

Saturday at 6 PM, I’m giving a talk called The D&D You Never Knew. It’s about D&D from the early 80s. It’s going to blow your mind.

Hope to see you all there!

You can see the schedule here

Cool Stuff

We’re puttering away behind the scenes here. Meanwhile, check out these cool Burning Wheel related things:

Michael Prescott made a cool little chart for adding thematic details to your game.

and Totally Guy recorded himself reading the hub and spokes!

Bloodstained Stars as PDF

Our Burning Empires supplement, Bloodstained Stars, is now available as a PDF from Drive Thru.

Burning Empires and the comics are also available as PDFs.